RCF: Net profit up 71.3% at Rs 245.2 cr Vs Rs 143.2 cr, Revenue up 68.6% at Rs 6,235.1 cr Vs Rs 3,699.2 cr (YoY) (Positive)

 Wonderla: Net profit at Rs 38.9 cr Vs Rs 4.5 cr, Revenue at Rs 113.2 cr Vs Rs 48.3 cr (YoY) (Positive)

 Navin Fluorine: Net profit up 54.9% at Rs 106.6 cr Vs Rs 68.8 cr, Revenue up 48.7% at Rs 563.6 cr Vs Rs 379 cr (YoY) (Positive)

BLS International: Net profit up 79.7% at Rs 50.7 cr Vs Rs 28.2 cr, Revenue up 92.9% at Rs 437.9 cr Vs Rs 227.1 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Monte Carlo: Net profit up 44.6% at Rs 24.6 cr Vs Rs 17 cr, Revenue up 30.1% at Rs 98.1 cr Vs Rs 75.4 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Aurobindo Pharma: Company gets US FDA approval to manufacture& market Diclofenac Sodium Topical Solution (Positive)

Infosys: Company announces strategic collaboration with GE Digital to deliver energy transition solutions (Positive)

Phoenix Mills: Net profit up 78.4% at Rs 176.4 cr Vs Rs 98.9 cr, Revenue up 61% at Rs 683.8 cr Vs Rs 425 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Credit Access: Profit up 77.1% at ₹212.2 cr vs ₹120 cr, NII up 32.4% at ₹593.7 cr vs ₹448.3 cr (YoY) (Positive)

IOL CP: Net profit up 49.5% at Rs 23.8 cr Vs Rs 15.9 cr, Revenue down 3.3% at Rs 523.5 cr Vs Rs 541.4 cr (QoQ) (Positive)

Thermax: Net profit up 58.8% at Rs 126.2 cr Vs Rs 79 cr, Revenue up 26.9% at Rs 2,049.3 cr Vs Rs 1,614.7 cr (YoY) (Positive)

PGEL: Net profit at Rs 13.7 cr Vs Rs 6 cr, Revenue up 74.8% at Rs 457.9 cr Vs Rs 262 cr (YoY) (Positive) Talbros: Net Profit up 14.3% at ₹7.2 cr vs ₹6 cr, Revenue up 24.4% at ₹108.5 cr vs ₹87.2 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Bayer Crop: PAT at Rs 135 cr vs Rs 84.8 cr, Revenue from ops at Rs 1,038 cr vs Rs 990 cr YoY (Positive)

RVNL: Company emerges as the lowest bidder (L1) for North Western Railway project worth Rs 69.48 cr (Positive)

Deepak NTR: Cons PAT at Rs 113 cr vs Rs 112 cr, up 1% YoY. Cons revenue at Rs 818 cr vs Rs 689 cr, up 18.7% YoY (Neutral)

Barbeque: Net profit down 53.9% at Rs 6.5 cr Vs Rs 14.1 cr, Revenue up 14.5% at Rs 328.1 cr Vs Rs 286.6 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Hero Motocorp: Net profit at Rs 711.1 cr Vs poll Rs 667 cr, Revenue at Rs 8,031 cr vs poll of Rs 7,920 cr YoY (Neutral)

TI IND: Net profit at Rs 75.9 cr Vs Rs 10.3 cr, Revenue up 47.1% at RS 302.9 cr Vs Rs 205.9 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

NHPC: Net profit down 17.4% at Rs 671.7 cr Vs Rs 813 cr, Revenue up 19.8% at Rs 2,582.8 cr Vs Rs 2,156.7 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

BSE: Net profit down 18.7% at Rs 47.6 cr Vs Rs 58.6 cr, Revenue up 5.8% at Rs 204 cr Vs Rs 192.8 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

GSK Pharma: Net profit up 9.5% at Rs 164.6 cr Vs Rs 150.4 cr, Revenue down 1.7% at Rs 802.3 cr Vs Rs 816 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Adani Green: Net profit at Rs 103 cr Vs Rs 49 cr, Revenue up 41% at Rs 1,973 cr Vs Rs 1,400 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

GSFC: Net profit up 67% at Rs 409.9 cr Vs Rs 245.3 cr, Revenue up 30.4% at Rs 3,479 cr Vs Rs 2,667 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Bharti Airtel: Net profit at Rs 1,588.2 cr Vs poll of Rs 2,220, Average Revenue Per User at Rs 193 vs poll of Rs 193.4 (Neutral) 

NDTV: Net profit down 53.3% at Rs 12.9 cr Vs Rs 27.6 cr, Revenue down 9.4% at Rs 105.4 cr Vs Rs 116.4 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Ambuja Cement: Net profit at Rs 369 cr Vs poll of Rs 300 cr, Margin at 15.3% Vs 15.2% (YoY) (Neutral)

CDSL: BSE Board approves divestment of 2.5% equity shares in Central Depository Services (India) Limited via Offer For Sale (Negative)

Somany Ceramics: Net profit down 62.9% at Rs 12 cr Vs Rs 32.2 cr, Revenue up 5.7% at Rs 619.4 cr Vs Rs 586.2 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Kirloskar Ferrous: Net Profit down 62.2% at ₹129.7 cr vs ₹343 cr, Revenue down 67% at ₹1,600.5 cr vs ₹4,851.9 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Eveready: Net profit down 77.1% at Rs 5.4 cr Vs Rs 23.7 cr, Revenue up 1.4% at Rs 330.4 cr Vs Rs 325.9 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Prince Pipes: Net profit down 47.4% at Rs 35.4 cr Vs Rs 67 cr, Revenue up 6.3% at Rs 705.9 cr Vs Rs 664 cr (YoY) (Negative)

 Astral: Net profit down 26.9% at Rs 93 cr Vs Rs 127.3 cr, Revenue up 15% at Rs 1,267.8 cr Vs Rs 1,102.7 cr (YoY) (Negative)

 Bharat Rasayan: Cons PAT at Rs 34 cr vs Rs 46 cr, down 26.4% YoY. Cons revenue at Rs 309 cr vs Rs 335 cr, down 7.8% YoY (Negative)

 Sobha: Profit down 47.9% at ₹31.8 cr vs ₹61 cr, Revenue up 39.5% at ₹868.2 cr vs ₹622.3 cr (YoY) (Negative)

 (Disclaimer: The information provided here is investment advice only. Investing in the markets is subject to risks and please consult your advisor before investing.)

(સ્પષ્ટતા: અત્રેથી આપવામાં આવતી તમામ પ્રકારની માહિતી કોઇપણ પ્રકારે રોકાણ, ટ્રેડીંગ માટેની સલાહ નથી. બજારોમાં રોકાણ જોખમોને આધીન છે અને રોકાણ કરતા પહેલા કૃપા કરીને તમારા સલાહકારની સલાહ લો.)