ACE: Net profit up 69.9% at Rs 46.5 cr Vs Rs 27.4 cr, Revenue up 27.4% at Rs 556.3 cr Vs Rs 436.6 cr (YoY) (Positive)

TCPL Packaging: Net profit up 76.2% at Rs 24.5 cr vs Rs 13.9 cr, Revenue up 36.2% at Rs 370.1 cr vs Rs 271.6 cr (YoY) (Positive)

JK Paper: Net profit at Rs 329.3 cr vs Rs 150.2 cr, Revenue up 50.2% at Rs 1,643.1 cr vs Rs 1,094 cr (YoY) (Positive)

BLS International: Net profit up 79.7% at Rs 50.7 cr Vs Rs 28.2 cr, Revenue up 92.9% at Rs 437.9 cr Vs Rs 227.1 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Monte Carlo: Net profit up 44.6% at Rs 24.6 cr Vs Rs 17 cr, Revenue up 30.1% at Rs 98.1 cr Vs Rs 75.4 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Sansera: Net profit up 33.1% at Rs 31 cr Vs Rs 23.3 cr, Revenue up 14.8% at Rs 557.2 cr Vs Rs 485.4 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Tasty bite: PAT of Rs 3.77 cr vs loss of Rs 2.82 cr YoY -Revenue at Rs 105.4 cr vs Rs 74.2 cr YoY (Positive)

Deep Ind: Net profit up 44.6% at Rs 24.6 cr Vs Rs 17 cr, Revenue up 30.1% at Rs 98.1 cr Vs Rs 75.4 cr (YoY) (Positive)

ION Exchange: Net profit at Rs 47.7 cr Vs Rs 28 cr, Revenue at Rs 512 cr Vs Rs 388 cr YoY (Positive)

KRBL: Net profit at Rs 205.0 cr Vs Rs 73.4 cr, Revenue at Rs 1536.0 cr Vs Rs 1153.0 cr YoY (Positive)

PGEL: Net profit at Rs 13.7 cr Vs Rs 6 cr, Revenue up 74.8% at Rs 457.9 cr Vs Rs 262 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Atul Auto: Net profit of Rs 3.9 cr Vs loss of Rs 8.8 cr, Revenue up 29.5% at Rs 133.1 cr Vs Rs 102.8 cr (YoY) (Positive)

ICICI Lombard: January premium up by 16 percent YoY (Positive)

UltraTech Cement: Commissions 1.5 mpta Brownfield cement grinding unit in Jharsuguda, Odisha (Positive)

Carysil: Co Acquires land at Bhavnagar, Gujarat for future expansion (Positive)

NIACL: January premium up by 42 percent YoY (Positive)

Star Health: January premium up by 16 percent YoY (Positive)

Shalby: Co says unit Vrundavan Shalby Hospitals Limited (VSHL) approves to start its business operation (Positive)

Dhampur: Co has completed expansion of its distillery capacity by 130 KLPD on “C” heavy molasses (Positive)

Berger: Co says automated manufacturing facility at Sadila has commenced its commercial production (Positive)

Vedanta: Company appoints David Reed CEO of semiconductor business (Neutral)

SJVN: Net profit up 22.1% at Rs 287.4 cr Vs Rs 235.5 cr, Revenue up 0.5% at Rs 552 cr Vs Rs 549.1 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Balaji Amines: Revenue at Rs 585.9 cr vs Rs 564.8 cr, Net profit at Rs 83.79 cr vs Rs 101.59 cr (Neutral)

Nuvoco: Net loss of Rs 75.3 cr Vs loss of Rs 85.5 cr, Revenue up 20.3% at Rs 2,604.6 cr Vs Rs 2,165.2 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

IRB Infra: Record date for share split on Feb 22 (1:10) (Neutral)

Tejas Networks: Net loss of Rs 10.9 cr Vs loss of Rs 24.3 cr, Revenue at Rs 274.6 cr Vs Rs 107.1 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Muthoot Fin: Net profit at Rs 901.6 cr Vs poll of Rs 886.6 cr, Revenue seen at Rs 1704 cr Vs poll Rs 1679.0 cr (Neutral)

LIC Housing: Net profit at Rs 480.3 cr Vs poll of Rs 728.7 cr, Net revenue at Rs 1606.0 cr Vs poll of Rs 1525.1 cr (Neutral)

Mold tek:  Net profit down 2.1% at Rs 16.3 cr Vs Rs 16.7 cr, Revenue down 3.4% at Rs 154.8 cr Vs Rs 160.3 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Kohinoor Foods: Net loss of Rs 13.9 cr Vs profit of Rs 0.4 cr, Revenue down 25.7% at Rs 16.8 cr Vs Rs 22.6 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Indo Count: Net profit down 47% at Rs 37.7 cr Vs Rs 71.2 cr, Revenue down 13.1% at Rs 657.3 cr Vs Rs 756.4 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Hitachi Energy: Net profit down 92.6% at Rs 4.6 cr Vs Rs 61.7 cr, Revenue down 5.5% at Rs 1,033.9 cr Vs Rs 1,094.5 cr (YoY) (Negative)

V-Mart: Net profit down 65% at Rs 20 cr Vs Rs 57.1 cr, Revenue up 12.3% at Rs 777 cr Vs Rs 692 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Fairchem: Net profit down 95.5% at Rs 0.6 cr Vs Rs 13.5 cr, Revenue down 35.4% at Rs 102.2 cr Vs Rs 158.3 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Dwarkesh: Outlook on the long-term rating has been revised to Stable from Positive (Negative)

Tata Steel: Net Loss recorded at Rs 2502.0 crore versus poll of Rs 1210.0 crore profit, Revenues recorded at Rs 57083.0 crore versus poll of Rs 54200.0 crore  (Negative)

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is investment advice only. Investing in the markets is subject to risks and please consult your advisor before investing.)

(સ્પષ્ટતા: અત્રેથી આપવામાં આવતી તમામ પ્રકારની માહિતી કોઇપણ પ્રકારે રોકાણ, ટ્રેડીંગ માટેની સલાહ નથી. બજારોમાં રોકાણ જોખમોને આધીન છે અને રોકાણ કરતા પહેલા કૃપા કરીને તમારા સલાહકારની સલાહ લો.)