Indigo: Net profit at Rs 1,422.6 cr Vs Rs 129.7 cr, Rev up 60.7% at Rs 14,933 Cr Vs Rs 9,294.7 cr (YoY) (Positive)

ITC: PAT at Rs.5031 cr vs poll 4700 cr, Revenue at Rs.16225 cr vs poll Rs16652 cr (Positive)

Prataap Snacks: Net profit of Rs 5.8 cr Vs loss of Rs 7.2 cr, Revenue up 10.8% at Rs 426.4 cr Vs Rs 385 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Praj Ind: Net profit up 68.2% at Rs 62.3 cr Vs Rs 37.1 cr, Revenue up 55.4% at Rs 910 cr Vs Rs 585.6 cr (YoY) (Positive)

JK Tyre: Net profit up 15.2% at Rs 65.6 cr Vs Rs 56.9 cr, Revenue up 17.5% at Rs 3,612.9 cr Vs Rs 3,076 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Orient Paper: Net profit at Rs 39.5 cr Vs loss of Rs 3.5 cr, Revenue up 54.2% at Rs 253.1 cr Vs Rs 164.2 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Manappuram: Profit up 50.3% at Rs 392.2 Cr Vs Rs 261 Cr, NII up 34% at 1,091.7 Cr Vs Rs 815 Cr (YoY) (Positive)

Brand Concept: Net profit at Rs 2.9 cr Vs Rs 1.4 cr, Revenue up 69.7% at Rs 45.4 cr Vs Rs 26.7 cr (YoY) (Positive)

M&M Fin: Net profit at Rs 628.9 cr Vs poll of Rs 360 cr, NII up  at Rs 1,620.6 cr Vs poll of Rs 1,506.7 cr (Positive)

ION Exchange: Net profit at Rs 47.7 cr Vs Rs 28 cr, Revenue at Rs 512 cr Vs Rs 388 cr YoY (Positive)

KRBL: Net profit at Rs 205.0 cr Vs Rs 73.4 cr, Revenue at Rs 1536.0 cr Vs Rs 1153.0 cr YoY (Positive)

PGEL: Net profit at Rs 13.7 cr Vs Rs 6 cr, Revenue up 74.8% at Rs 457.9 cr Vs Rs 262 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Atul Auto: Net profit of Rs 3.9 cr Vs loss of Rs 8.8 cr, Revenue up 29.5% at Rs 133.1 cr Vs Rs 102.8 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Arihant Superstructures: Net profit up 72.3% at Rs 20 cr Vs Rs 12 cr, Revenue up 30% at Rs 114.7 cr Vs Rs 88.3 cr (YoY) (Positive)

63 Moons: Net profit of Rs 20.5 cr Vs loss of Rs 17 cr, Revenue at Rs 93.1 cr Vs Rs 40.4 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Rossari: Net profit up 13.8% at Rs 25.6 cr Vs Rs 23 cr, Revenue down 9.2% at Rs 389.2 cr Vs Rs 428.4 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Dalmia Bharat: Net profit at Rs 204 cr Vs Rs 84 cr, Revenue up 22.7% at Rs 3,355 cr Vs Rs 2,734 cr (YoY) (Positive)

P&G Health: Profit up 71.4% at Rs 76.8 cr vs Rs 45 cr, Revenue up 11.5% at Rs 310 cr vs Rs 278 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Likhitha Infra: bags an order worth Rs 129.6 cr from GAIL (Positive)

Vodafone Idea: Vodafone Idea confirms Govt sanctioning equity conversion of equity dues. (Positive)

DCB Bank: The RBI grants approval to DSP Investment Manager to acquire upto 9.99% in the DCB Bank via the schemes of DSP MF. (Positive)

PVR: Company launches a 4-screen multiplex in Faridabad, Haryana (Positive)

MOIL Ltd sold 1.32 lakh tons of Manganese ore in Jan, higher by 33% YoY (Positive)

EIL: Net profit down 16% at Rs 16.1 cr Vs Rs 40.7 cr, Revenue up 21.7% at Rs 842.2 cr Vs Rs 692.1 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

One 97: Revenue at Rs 2,062 cr vs Rs 1,456 cr, Net loss narrowed to Rs 392 cr vs loss of Rs 771 cr (Neutral)

Dalmia Sugar: Net profit up 7.9% at Rs 65.2 cr Vs Rs 60.4 cr, Revenue down 2.2% at Rs 600 cr Vs Rs 613.5 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

SCI: Profit down 10.3% at Rs 279.5 cr vs Rs 312 cr, Revenue up 4.8% at Rs 1,500.1 cr vs Rs 1,431.3 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Tata Power: Net profit at Rs 1,052.1 Cr Vs poll of Rs 950 cr, Margin at 16.5% Vs 14.9% YoY (Neutral)

Emami: Net profit up 6.2% at Rs 233 cr Vs Rs 219.5 cr, Revenue up 1.2% at Rs 982.7 cr Vs Rs 971.1 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

MCX: Net profit up 12.6% at Rs 38.8 cr Vs Rs 34 cr, Revenue up 60% at Rs 143.6 cr Vs Rs 89.6 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Marico: Net profit at Rs 333 cr Vs poll of Rs 317 cr, EBITDA at Rs 456 cr Vs poll of Rs 450 cr (Neutral)

State Bank: Net profit at Rs 14,205 cr Vs poll of Rs 13,587.9 cr, NII at Rs 38,068.6 cr Vs poll of Rs 37,059 cr (Neutral)

E Clerx: Net profit up 23.1% at ₹131.1 cr vs ₹106.5 cr, Revenue up 22.8% at ₹686.6 cr vs ₹559.1 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Rossari Biotech: Net profit up 13.8% at Rs 25.6 cr Vs Rs 23 cr, Revenue down 9.2% at Rs 389.2 cr Vs Rs 428.4 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Ganesh Eco: Net profit up 28.6% at Rs 21.1 cr Vs Rs 16 cr, Revenue down 5.4% at Rs 272.6 cr Vs Rs 288 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Ami Organics: Net profit up 14.4% at Rs 22.3 cr Vs Rs 19 cr, Revenue up 7.9% at Rs 152.4 cr Vs Rs 141.2 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Affle: Net profit up 11.1% at Rs 68.9 cr Vs Rs 62 cr, Revenue up 10.8% at Rs 376 cr Vs Rs 339.3 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Axis Bank: Total outstanding to Adani Group is 0.94% of Net Advances (Neutral)

JK Cement:  Profit down 42.3% at Rs 96.6 cr vs Rs 167.3 cr, Revenue up 17.9% at Rs 2,288 cr vs Rs 1,940.4 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Tata Motors: JLR said that hike in interest rates, inflationary pressures across geographies may impact demand’ (Negative)

Aarti Ind: Net profit down 81.3% at Rs 135.2 cr Vs Rs 724.6 cr, Revenue down 20.5% at Rs 1,634.7 cr Vs Rs 2,055.4 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Subex: Net loss of Rs 4.7 cr Vs profit of Rs 2.1 cr, Revenue down 16% at Rs 73.7 cr Vs Rs 87.7 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Vakrangee: Profit down 88.1% At Rs 3.5 Cr Vs Rs 29 Cr, Revenue up  20.1% At Rs 250.7 Cr Vs Rs 208.7 Cr (YoY). (Negative)

Sun TV: Net profit down 9.8% at Rs 425.1 cr Vs Rs 471.2 cr, Revenue dpwn 16.4% at Rs 886.9 cr Vs Rs 1060.4 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Sumitomo Chem: Cons Revenue at Rs 754 cr vs Rs 1,121 cr, Cons EBITDA at Rs 121 cr vs Rs 278 cr (Negative)

Energy stocks: Windfall gain tax on domestic crude production increased to Rs 5,050/ tonn from Rs 1900/tonn (Negative)

Filatex India: Net profit down 97.2% at Rs 2.7 cr Vs Rs 98 cr, Revenue down 0.4% at Rs 1,070.4 cr Vs Rs 1,074.2 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Relaxo: Net profit down 57.1% at Rs 30.1 cr Vs Rs 70 cr, Revenue down 8.5% at Rs 685.5 cr Vs Rs 749 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Birla Corp: Net loss of Rs 49.9 cr Vs profit of Rs 60.5 cr, Revenue up 15.2% at Rs 2,016.1 cr Vs Rs 1,750.1 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Sahyadri: Net profit down 37.6% at Rs 4.7 cr Vs Rs 8 cr, Revenue up 9.2% at Rs 120 cr Vs Rs 110 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Aarti Pharmalabs: JP Morgan Funds has sold 7.14 lakh equity shares in the company via open market transactions (Negative)

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