APL Apollo: Cons PAT at Rs 169 cr Vs Rs 128 cr, Cons revenue at Rs 4,327 cr Vs Rs 3,230 cr YoY (Positive)

Clean: Cons PAT at Rs 83.7 cr Vs Rs 57.9 cr, Cons revenue at Rs 237.3 cr Vs Rs 180.8 cr YoY (Positive)

Bharti Airtel: Airtel Africa Revenue at $1,350 mn Vs $1,308 mn, up 3.2% QoQ -PAT at $192 mn Vs $133 mn, up 44% QoQ (Positive)

Aptus Value: PAT at Rs 106 cr Vs Rs 84.5 cr, Revenue at Rs 245 cr vs Rs 175 cr YoY (Positive)

Aavas: PAT at Rs 107 cr vs Rs 89 cr YoY, Revenue at Rs 411 cr vs Rs 343 cr YoY (Positive)

Apollo Tyre: Cons PAT at Rs 292 cr Vs Rs 223 cr, Cons revenue at Rs 6,422.7 cr Vs Rs 5,707.4 cr YoY (Positive)

Gulf Oil: PAT at Rs 63 cr Vs Rs 52 cr, Revenue at Rs 781 cr Vs Rs 720 cr QoQ (Positive)

Thomas Cook: Net profit of Rs 18.5 cr vs loss of Rs 23.3 cr, Revenue at Rs 1,536.3 cr vs Rs 748.1 cr (YoY) (Positive)

KTK Bank: Net profit at Rs 300.7 cr vs Rs 146.6 cr, NII up 34.1% at Rs 834.8 cr vs Rs 622.7 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Railway stocks: Railways: Revenue up 73% to Rs 54,733 cr in passenger segment in April 2022 to January 2023 Period Vs Rs 31634 cr a YoY (Positive)

MGL: Net profit at Rs 172.1 cr Vs poll of Rs 137 cr, Margin at 15.3% % Vs poll of 14.2% (Positive)

Man Infra: Net profit at ₹90.6 cr vs ₹40 cr, Revenue up 54.1% at ₹457 cr vs ₹296.5 cr (YoY) (Positive)

SBI Life: The APE product mix is well diversified -Budget announcement impact insignificant. (Positive)

Inox Green: Company to buy 51% in I-Fox Windtechnik (Positive)

Likhitha Infra: bags an order worth Rs 129.6 cr from GAIL (Positive)

Tata Consumer: Cons PAT at Rs 369 cr vs poll of Rs 270 cr, Cons revenue at Rs 3,474 cr poll of Rs 3,429 cr  (Neutral)

Berger Paints: Cons PAT at Rs 201.2 cr Vs Rs 253 cr, Cons revenue at Rs 2,694 cr Vs Rs 2,551 cr YoY (Neutral)

SIS: Cons PAT at Rs 103 cr Vs Rs 101 cr, Cons revenue at Rs 2,904 cr Vs Rs 2,601 cr YoY (Neutral)

Sheela Foam: Cons PAT at Rs 61 cr Vs Rs 67 cr, Cons revenue at Rs 817 cr Vs Rs 883 cr YoY (Neutral)

Mahindra Life: Net Profit at Rs 34.1 cr vs Rs 24.9 cr, Revenue at Rs 187 cr vs Rs 24.3 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Timex Group: Net loss of Rs 6.7 cr vs loss of Rs 5.1 cr, Revenue up 29.6% at Rs 84.6 cr vs Rs 65.3 Cr (YoY). (Neutral)

E Clerx: Net profit up 23.1% at ₹131.1 cr vs ₹106.5 cr, Revenue up 22.8% at ₹686.6 cr vs ₹559.1 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

HDFC AMC: The Sebi has given an approval and permitted abrdn Investment Management to reduce its shareholding in HDFC AMC to less than 10 percent (Neutral)

GMM: Net profit down 41.3% at ₹18.7 cr vs ₹31.8 cr, Revenue up 23.4% at ₹792.3 cr vs ₹642.3 cr (YoY)) (Neutral)

Sundaram Fast: Profit up 8.2% At ₹117 Cr Vs ₹108.1 Cr, Revenue up 16.2% at ₹1,403 cr vs ₹1,207.5 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Birlasoft: Cons loss of Rs 16.3 cr Vs PAT of Rs 115 cr, Cons revenue at Rs 1,222 cr Vs Rs 1,192 cr QoQ (Negative)

Crompton Greaves: Net profit at Rs 85.3 cr Vs poll of Rs 115 cr, Margin at 10.1% Vs 14.3% YoY (Negative)

SHK: Net profit down 59.9% at ₹13 cr vs ₹32.4 cr, Revenue down 3.6% at ₹384.9 cr vs ₹399.2 cr YoY. (Negative)

Sapphire Foods: Fennel Private Limited has sold 6.29 lakh equity shares (0.99 percent stake) in Sapphire (Negative)

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is investment advice only. Investing in the markets is subject to risks and please consult your advisor before investing.)

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