Ahmedabad, 28 April

IRB Infrastructure: The company has emerged as the selected bidder for the project of TOT of Nehru Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad (Positive)

HFCL: Company bags purchase orders of Rs 66 cr from Reliance Retail to supply optical fiber cables (Positive)

RattanIndia Enterprises: Company lunches its 1st direct-to-consumer fashionwear brand (Positive)

PI Industries: Arm PI Health Sciences Limited to acquire 100% stakes in Therachem Research Medilab (Positive)

Radiant Cash Management Services: BNP Paribas Arbitrage acquired 10.5 lakh shares in the company (Positive)

Glenmark Life: Net profit for the March quarter jumped 48% year-on-year to Rs 146 crore, while revenue from operations jumped 21% YoY to Rs 621 crore. (Positive)

Vedanta: Company chief Agarwal makes zero debt pledge, says very comfortable servicing debt (Positive)

Wipro: Company announces a buyback of Rs 12,000 crore, highest in past 4 instances (Positive)

Kewal Kiran: Net profit up 27.3% at Rs 31.5 cr Vs Rs 24.7 cr, Revenue up 17.6% at Rs 199.5 cr Vs Rs 169.6 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Trent: Net profit at Rs 54.2 cr Vs Rs 0.16 cr, Revenue up 64.3% at Rs 2,182.8 cr Vs Rs 1,328.9 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Indian Hotels: Net profit at Rs 328.3 cr Vs Rs 74.2 cr, Revenue up 86.4% at Rs 1,625.4 cr Vs Rs 872.1 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Aarti Surf: Net profit up 95.8% at Rs 4.7 cr Vs Rs 2 cr, Revenue up 4.2% at Rs 157.8 cr Vs Rs 151.4 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Raymond: The company demerges lifestyle business to Raymond Consumer Care) (Positive)

Dr Reddy’s: Company gets US FDA nod for Topiramate (Positive)

SpiceJet: Company appoints Arun Kashyap as Chief Operating Officer. (Neutral)

Punjab National Bank: To participate in proposed Rights Issue of arm (Neutral)

Bajaj Holdings: Profit up 22.4% at ₹1,352.8 cr vs ₹1,105 cr, Revenue down 3.1% at ₹86.7 cr vs ₹89.5 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

LTIM: Rupee revenue at Rs 8,691 cr vs poll of Rs 8,825 cr, Net profit at Rs 1,113.7 cr vs poll of Rs 1,153 cr (Neutral)

HDFC Bank: The board of directors has approved the appointment of Kaizad Bharucha as Deputy Managing Director (Neutral)

Axis Bank Q4: Net loss reported at Rs 5728.0 crore versus poll of Rs 5739.0 crore loss, NII reported at Rs 11742.0 crore versus poll of Rs 11932.0 crore (Neutral)

Tech M: Rupee revenue at Rs 13,718.2 cr vs poll of Rs 13,788 cr, Net profit at Rs 1,117.7 cr Vs poll of Rs 1,275 cr (Neutral)

Surya Rosni: Net profit up 87.9% at Rs 155.6 cr Vs Rs 82.8 cr, Revenue down 6.5% at Rs 2,151.3 cr Vs Rs 2,301.4 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Usha Martin: Company has reported a net profit of Rs 105 crore for the quarter ended March. Revenue duiring the same period stood at Rs 855 crore. (Neutral)

Wipro: Cons PAT at Rs 3,093.5 cr vs Rs 3,065 cr QoQ, Cons revenue at Rs 23,190 cr vs Rs 23,229 cr QoQ (Neutral)

ADANI Green: Adani Group to raise $1-1.5 billion for financing green energy projects (Neutral)

ACC: Net profit at Rs 235.7 cr Vs poll of Rs 289 cr (Neutral)

Agro Tech: Profit down 20.6% at Rs 5 cr vs Rs 6.3 cr, Revenue down 5% at Rs 201.5 cr vs Rs 212 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Tinplate: Net profit down 50.6% at Rs 56.6 cr Vs Rs 114.4 cr, Revenue down 15.8% at Rs 1,033 cr Vs Rs 1,227 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Shriram Finance: Net profit down 26.4% at Rs 1,308.3 cr Vs Rs 1,777 cr, Revenue up 1.9% at Rs 7,756 cr Vs Rs 7,608.8 cr (QoQ) (Negative)

ABAMC: Net profit down 14.5% at Rs 135.6 cr Vs Rs 158.5 cr, Revenue down 8.2% at Rs 297 cr Vs Rs 323.5 cr (YoY) (Negative)

MOSL: Net profit down 45% at Rs 164.7 cr Vs Rs 299.6 cr, NII down 10.8% at Rs 837.8 cr Vs Rs 939.3 cr (YoY) (Negative)

Apcotex: Net profit down 24.9% at Rs 23.2 cr Vs Rs 31 cr, Revenue down 7.7% at Rs 256.1 cr Vs Rs 277.5 cr (YoY) (Negative)

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