HG Infra: Net profit up 30.2% at Rs 130.8 cr Vs Rs 100.5 cr, Revenue up 23.6% at Rs 1,184.9 cr Vs Rs 958.3 cr (YoY)) (Positive)

Oberoi Real: Net profit up 50.3% at Rs 702.6 cr Vs Rs 467.5 cr, Revenue up 95.8% at Rs 1,629.5 cr Vs Rs 832 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Cummins: Net profit at Rs 360.1 cr Vs poll of Rs 268 cr, Margin at 18.9% Vs 15.6% (YoY) (Positive)

SKF: Net profit up 31.5% at Rs 116.6 cr Vs Rs 88.7 cr, Revenue up 11.4% at Rs 1,077.2 cr Vs Rs 966.9 cr (YoY) (Positive)

PEL: Net profit at Rs 3,547.4 Cr Vs Rs 888 cr, Revenue up 41.4% at Rs 3,231.6 cr Vs Rs 2,285.2 cr (YoY) (Positive)

JB Chem: Net profit up 26.5% at Rs 106.1 cr Vs Rs 83.9 cr, Revenue up 32% at Rs 792.7 cr Vs Rs 600.7 cr (YoY) (Positive)

ITD Cem: Net profit up 85.9% at Rs 36.5 cr Vs Rs 19.7 cr, Revenue up 32.9% at Rs 1,327 cr Vs Rs 998.1 cr (YoY) (Positive)

NCC: Net profit at Rs 157.7 cr Vs Rs 76.4 cr, Revenue up 27.7% at Rs 3,849.6 cr Vs Rs 3,014.9 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Adani Wilmar: Net profit up 16.5% at ₹246.2 cr vs ₹211.4 cr, Revenue up 7.4% at ₹15,438.1 cr vs ₹14,370.9 cr (YoY) (Positive)

GPPL: Net profit up 89% at Rs 84.3 cr Vs Rs 44.6 cr, Revenue up 48.7% at Rs 250.5 cr Vs Rs 168.5 cr (YoY) ( (Positive)

Samvardhan: Cons PAT at Rs 453.9 cr Vs Rs 245 cr YoY. Cons total revenue from operations at Rs 20,226.21 cr Vs Rs 16,117.51 cr YoY (Positive)

Navin Fluorine: Arm Navin Fluorine Advanced Sciences’ Dahej Plant commences commercial production (Positive)

Equitas SFB: Net profit at Rs 170.1 cr Vs poll of Rs 145.7 cr, NII up 19.7% at Rs 647.5 cr Vs Rs 540.8 Cr (YoY) (Positive)

Narayana: Net profit up 57.8% at Rs 153.7 cr Vs Rs 97.4 cr, Revenue up 17.5% at Rs 1,128.1 cr Vs Rs 959.7 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Pennar Ind: Net profit up 99.2% at Rs 21.3 cr Vs Rs 10.7 cr, Revenue up 29.9% at Rs 692.2 cr Vs Rs 533 cr (YoY) (Positive)

Techno Electric: The company has sold/disposed off 37.50 MW of 111.90 MW of its wind power assets in Tamil Nadu for Rs 158.93 crore (Positive)

Larsen: Ministry of Defence signs contract with L&T for procurement of 41 indigenous modular bridges, worth over Rs 2,585 cr (Positive)

IRB Infra: Fitch affirms IRB Infra at BB+, India toll roads’ USD notes at ‘BB’ (Positive)

Ircon: Net profit up 40.2% at Rs 190 cr Vs Rs 135.5 cr, Revenue up 33.2% at Rs 2,346.5 cr Vs Rs 1,761.9 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Minda Corp: Net profit down 25.2% at Rs 52.3 cr Vs Rs 69.9 cr, Revenue up 44.7% at Rs 1,068.3 cr Vs Rs 738.3 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Reliance: Jio-bp announces initial roll-out of E20 blended petrol (Neutral)

Pricol: Net profit up 54.3% at Rs 26.8 cr Vs Rs 17.3 cr, Revenue up 16.1% at Rs 458.2 cr Vs Rs 394.7 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Godrej Agro: Net profit up 78.9% at Rs 116.4 cr Vs Rs 65.1 cr, Revenue up 11.8% at Rs 2,323.5 cr Vs Rs 2,078.5 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Honeywell: Net profit up 18.2% at Rs 106.1 cr Vs Rs 89.7 cr, Revenue up 18.3% at Rs 1,017.5 cr Vs Rs 860 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Mishra Dhatu: Net Profit down 10% at ₹38.6 cr vs ₹42.9 cr, Revenue down 1.2% at ₹231.5 cr vs ₹234.2 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Adani Power: Net profit down 96% at Rs 8.7 cr Vs Rs 218.5 cr, Revenue up 44.8% at Rs 7,764.4 cr Vs Rs 5,360.9 cr (Neutral)

Torrent Power: Company to buy Airpower Windfarms for Rs 21.74 Cr (Neutral)

Windlas: Net profit up 9.6% at Rs 9.1 cr Vs Rs 8.3 cr, Revenue up 1.9% at Rs 119.7 cr Vs Rs 117.5 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Trent: Net profit up 19.6% at Rs 167 cr Vs Rs 139.7 cr, Revenue up 53.7% at Rs 2,303.4 cr Vs Rs 1,499.1 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Antony Waste: Cons revenue at Rs 218 cr Vs Rs 161 cr, up 34.8% YoY. Cons net profit at Rs 16 cr Vs Rs 19 cr, down -15.7% YoY (Neutral)

Speciality: Net profit up 37.3% at Rs 15.4 cr Vs Rs 11.2 cr, Revenue up 16.5% at Rs 103.7 cr Vs Rs 89 cr (YoY) (Neutral)

Restaurant Brands: Net loss of Rs 50.4 cr Vs loss of Rs 22.6 cr, Revenue up 20.9% at Rs 526.3 cr Vs Rs 435.3 cr (YoY) (Negative)

GTL Infra: Loss of Rs 463.6 cr vs loss of Rs 197.05 cr

YoY, Revenue at Rs 360 cr vs Rs 371 cr, down -3% YoY (Negative)

Adani Total Gas: Total Energies puts hydrogen partnership with Adani on hold for now (Negative)

Piramal Pharma: Net loss of Rs 90.2 cr Vs profit of Rs 163.4 cr, Revenue up 11.5% at Rs 1,716 cr Vs Rs 1,539.1 cr (YoY) (Negative)

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